How To Install vsftpd on CentOS Linux

[Last updated: 17 February 2016]

vsftpd is a simple, secure and extremely fast FTP server for Linux.

Step 1: Install vsftpd

Step 2: Configure vsftpd

Once VSFTP is installed, we need to adjust the configuration.

Change anonymous_enable from YES to NO to prevent that anonymous users can login on your server.

Make sure that local_enable is set to YES.

Change chroot_local_user from NO to YES, to chroot FTP users to their own directory.

Step 3: Create an FTP user

Assign a password to this user.

Step 4: Start vsftpd

Configure vsftpd to start at boot.

Last command; start vsftpd!

Your vsftpd powered FTP server is now installed and running on your CentOS server.